City Medics and Firefighters Set Record Revival Rate for Cardiac Arrest
New Cardiac Arrest Outline on Up To Date
Drs. Rittenberger and Callaway authored the newly released “Post-cardiac arrest management in adults” topic for UpToDate.
Department of Emergency Medicine Recognized at NAEMSP Conference
National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) 2012 Keith Neely Outstanding Contribution to EMS Award
Improving EMS Safety
Throughout the United States, emergency medical services (EMS) professionals treat 22 million patients each year.
Dr. Brian Suffoletto's Research Using Text Messages to Decrease Binge Drinking Featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and CNN.
ERHPL Receives Generous Grant from DSF Charitable Foundation
ERHPL has received a generous grant from the DSF Charitable Foundation to support the fire service research program at the University of Pittsburgh.
Faculty and Trainees for the Department of Emergency Medicine Presents Eight Abstracts at the AHA Scientific Sessions and ReSS This Week
Faculty and trainees for the Department of Emergency Medicine presents eight abstracts at the AHA Scientific Sessions and ReSS this week. Studies included, A Noninvasive Method for Measuring the Physiologic Quality of CPR Through Application of Quantitative Waveform Analysis of the Ventricular Fibrillation Electrocardiogram
ERHPL Evaluates Heat Strain and Core Temperature in Firefighters Wearing Thermal Protective Clothing and Developed a Perceptual Hyperthermia Index to Evaluate the Risk for Exertional Heat Stress
The Emergency Responder Human Performance Lab (ERHPL) in conjunction with the University of Pittsburgh Department of Emergency Medicine, and Department of Health and Physical Activity, has developed studies to investigate the physiological demands and risks associated with fire suppression and rescue.
Dr. Brian Suffoletto Recognized for Best Research Poster at Boston’s INEBRIA Conference
Dr. Brian Suffoletto of the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center along with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, designed, tested and utilized social media technology (texting) as an intervention tool for college age students with hazardous drinking patterns.
15th Anniversary of Department of Emergency Medicine